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Welcome to a Unique Resource for Lutheran Laymen

Primary Purpose of this Site:

This website is to be a resource for Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod laymen who are looking for confessional pastors to call for their congregation. The difference is, this list has a set of criteria that the pastor agrees to in order to be listed here. Ordained pastors who currently have a call or are CRM may be listed. The criteria reflect confessional, orthodox, and traditional LCMS doctrine. While the primary purpose of this site is to list pastors who are seeking a call, if you are in agreement with our criteria, we still welcome you to submit your name to be listed. An indication by your name on the List will show that you are not actively seeking a call. This will not, however, preclude an interested layman from contacting you. Who are we to second guess the workings of the Holy Spirit?

  • Pastors who agree to the list of criteria are welcome to add their names to this site, indicating whether they are seeking a call at this time.
  • Laymen are welcome to peruse the site as an additional tool for their congregation's calling committee and contact the pastors they wish to, and/or their Circuit Counselors/District Presidents, for further information. Please use this information responsibly. It is not intended to "stack the deck" of your list of candidates.

275. How does the local congregation publicly administer the Office of the Keys?

According to God's will the Christian congregation chooses and calls men as ministers, who in the name of Christ and in the name of the congregation publicly perform the functions of the Office of the Keys. (The pastoral office a divine institution, Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:10-12.)

A Short Explanation of Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO, 1943, p. 185. Emphasis added.

This website does not replace or operate contrary to the synodical process as outlined in the LCMS Constitution, Bylaws 2.5 and 4.4.5. Congregations may request names from their members which will in turn be forwarded to the Circuit Counselor or District President for further information. This site serves merely to provide congregations with additional information, i.e., names of pastors who meet certain criteria.

Pastors who have their names listed here and subsequently receive calls to congregations, should contact us if they want their name removed.

Site launched in a preliminary mode on July 2, 2002.
Officially open on July 9, 2002.
Redesign May of 2010.

Disclaimer: This website is wholly owned and administered by Brad Vincent and Norm Fisher, independent of any church, synod, or other organization. The owner is responsible for all content except for the name, contact and additional information provided by those pastors wishing to be listed on this site. The individuals being listed are responsible for their own information. If any copyrighted material is accidentally duplicated here and the copyright owner wishes to have it removed, please contact us.

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